Members of the Council

dasa-duhacekDaša Duhaček

Daša Duhaček is one of the co-founders of the Centre for Women’s Studies in Belgrade. She is a professor (retired) at the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Political Sciences; Director of the Centre for Gender and Politics at the University of Belgrade, a founder and director of the MA Programme in Gender and Women’s Studies at the University of Belgrade; a co-Director of the Feminist Critical Analysis course at the Inter-University Centre (IUC) in Dubrovnik. She has lectured at universities at home and abroad, led research programmes and organised a number of conferences, both in Serbia and internationally. Her research interest is feminist political theory and philosophy, especially the  question of responsibility and the political theory of Hannah Arendt. Selected publications include: Burden of Our Times. Responsibility and Judgment in the work od Hannah Arendt. (Breme našeg doba. Odgovornost i rasuđivanje u delu Hane Arent); Studije roda: Od Deklaracije o pravima žene i građanke do Drugog pola (Gender Studies: From The Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Female Citizen to The Second Sex); “Women's Time in Former Yugoslavia“ (in Gender Politics and Post-Communism, Routledge); “East European Feminist Philosophy“ (in Blackwell's Companion to Feminist Philosophy) “Feminist Perspectives on Democratization in Serbia/Western Balkans (in Signs. Journal of Women in Culture and Society).

ana-stolichAna Stolić

Ana Stolić is a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of History, Belgrade. She has graduated at the Department of History, Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade and defended her MA thesis at the same Faculty. She received her PhD degree at Faculty of Political Sciences, Belgrade. Her research focus includes social history, and women’s and gender history (19th – first half of 20th Century). She has been working at the Historical Institute since 1995 and was the President of its Academic Board from 2012 to 2014. Additionally, she was the Director of the Historical Museum of Serbia from 2007 to 2012. She is working on the Project funded by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development titled "From Universal Empires to Nation States: Social and Political Changes in Serbia and the Balkans" at the Historical Institute in Belgrade. She is the author and editor of the Portal for Women's and Gender History. She has published a number of theoretical and research papers on the subject of women's and gender history.

marina-bogdanovicMarina Bogdanović

Marina Bogdanović, BA, Psychology (University of Belgrade).  Psychotherapist at the Center for Marriage and Family,  Belgrade. Instructor on projects dealing with non-violent conflict resolution in the Bridge group. Research areas: peace studies, non-violent conflict resolution, psychology of gender.

Snežana Škundrićsnezana skundric

Snežana Škundrić is a graphic and web designer, and a longtime associate of the Centre for Women's Studies. She has graduated from the Faculty of Media and Communications - Singidunum University, where she subsequently worked as a Creative Director for 11 years. She is a co-founder of the Centre for Comparative Conflict Studies - CFCCS, where she remains active as the Art Director, and one of the coordinators of the Summer School in Comparative Conflict Studies. She is the founder of the Research Centre for Cultures, Politics and Identities (IPAK.Centar), and the founder and director of an agency for  multimedia communications, where she has worked on branding, graphic design, video production and digital communications since 2008, primarily for NGOs such as Women in Black, CFCCS, IPAK.Centar, CONFLUX Centre, Serbian Association for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Whose Rights are Human Rights, Donkeysaddle Project, Every Child is My Child, Book Platform, and others. Over the past 20 years she took part in various projects in the fields of culture and education, as well as in many NGO projects whose aim was social visibility. Publication: Future of Visibility of Women's Organizations in Serbia.

Operational team

mirela-santicMirela Šantić
(office assistant and librarian)

Mirela Šantić is a digital humanist and a librarian. She has earned her BA and MA degrees at the Department of Library and Information Science,  Faculty of Philology in Belgrade. She has gained professional experience at Laverna International and working as a consultant for the Serbian Collection at the Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. She is currently working as a librarian at the Union - Nikola Tesla University in Belgrade. Along with continuous education in COBISS, SEO and organisational design, she has been in charge of the Centre for Women's Studies Library since 2010, personally dedicated to popularisation of feminist reading and education both among the students enrolled in CWS programmes, and the wider reading audience interested in feminism. She has organised or participated in many workshops and events, such as the annual The Gift of Feminist Theory event, taking place on Women's Day and allowing everyone interested in the subject to receive a select feminist publication as a free gift, on the subject of the feminist movement, gender theories and other political issues, published by the CWS or other organisations. Additionally, she has hosted workshops, instructing students on how to use some of the data and literature search tools. In 2017 she was the project manager of the project Education in the Struggle against Gender-based Violence.

nadja-bobicicNađa Bobičić
(publishing program)

Nađa Bobičić is a literary critic and a socialist feminist. She has earned her BA and MA degrees in History of Literature and Literary Theory from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philology. After that, she has graduated with a second MA in Culture and Gender Studies from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Political Sciences. She is currently pursuing her PhD as a junior researcher in the research project Gender Equality and the Culture of Civic Status. She has received "Žarana Papić" scholarships from RWFund for her MA and PhD studies at the Faculty of Political Sciences. She had previously attended a one-year undergraduate programme in Women's Studies and a seminar on Queer Studies in Belgrade. Since then, she has been engaged as a lecturer in both programmes. She is a member of the Organizational Committee of the scientific conference Feminism and the Left, held at the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Philosophy. She regularly writes literary reviews for numerous literary portals and the media in the post-Yugoslav region (most notably and Politika's culture supplement). Together with the group 'Rebel Readers' she is editing a portal for literary reviews, She has edited a volume of essays War from Children's Perspective, and a special issue of journal Genero whose topic was feminist reading of Elena Ferrante. She is running a workshop on 'creative reading and critical writing' at the Cultural Centre Studentski grad.

nadja-duhacekNađa Duhaček
(teaching program)

Nađa Duhaček is a feminist and anthropologist. She has graduated in South-Eastern European Studies from the American University in Bulgaria, followed by a successful completion of GEMMA master's degree programme in Women's and Gender Studies at the University of Granada and Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis, Ljubljana. She is a member of GEA (Gender and Education Association), and Educational Research Association of Serbia. She has years-long experience in youth education: she has been teaching at the Petnica Research Station since 2009, and at the Centre for Women's Studies. Additionally, she has worked as a trainer on Council of Europe study sessions on gender, tolerance, interethnic cooperation, and youth work. For many years now she has been active in the Women in Black organisation, taking part in many of their activities and events (such as Women's Court). She has participated in the following projects: Sexual and Gender-based Violence (within the programme Schools without Violence, UNICEF and the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia, 2013); Socio-economic and Political Transformations in Serbia, and the Question of Gender-based Violence (Faculty of Political Sciences, 2018).

hristina-cvetincaninHristina Cvetinčanin Knežević
(research program)

Hristina Cvetinčanin Knežević (1990) is a sociologist, a politicologist, a feminist and an activist. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, the Department of Sociology, and acquired her MA degree in political science – gender studies from the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade. She is currently pursuing her doctoral studies in the field of culture and the media at the same Faculty. As a feminist and an activist, she has participated in many street rallies and initiatives, and written articles for various regional internet portals about current socio-political topics from the feminist and philosophical aspects. As a sociologist/politicologist, she took part, as a researcher and author, in the projects Blockade of the Faculty of Philosophy in 2014. (ISI, 2017), Social-economical and political transformations in Serbia and the question of gender based violence (FPN, 2018). She is a co-author of the study In the name of male people: analysis of convicting court sentence for misdemeanor offense prostitution (AŽC, 2018) as well as The handbook for using gender sensitive language (UN Women & Centre for Women's Studies, 2019). She works at the Faculty of Political Sciences as a researcher on the project Gender equality and the culture of civil status: historical and theoretical groundings in Serbia.


vajka-andjelkovicVajka Anđelković

jasmina-alibegovicJasmina Alibegović

jelena-petrusicJelena Petrušić