Women’s Library Network is an attempt to connect all women’s libraries in Serbia. Having as its model Women in Black Network and Women Against Violence Network,  Women’s Library Network aspires to encourage linking of similar initiatives in the whole country.

The goal of this initiative is twofold. We believe that this way we will enhance the communication between women’s groups which publish their own material, which participate in publishing as co-editors/co-publishers, or collect published materials of other groups and build their own libraries. The existence of such a network enables women’s groups to inform other groups about materials they publish, but also to organize their distribution and promotion outside their local communities. In this manner we increase information on publishing activities of women’s organizations, consolidate existing knowledge and share it with new women who read materials borrowed from “women’s libraries”.

There are many of such libraries in Serbia. They came into being by the efforts of countless women who brought books, journals and brochures to their cities from all over the world. Many of them wrote, translated or simply carried materials to archive them at some common place which would be available to all in their cities. That such libraries exist is often not known. The creation of  Women’s Library Network seeks to enable students and/or activists to find them in their own local communities.

Women’s Library Network initiative is open in nature. By this we mean that new libraries regularly emerge and that the old are being enlarged all the time.  Women’s Library Network makes room for all such libraries – both big and small, both those that put an emphasis on literature and those that put theoretical titles in the forefront.