Type of employment: Fixed-term employment, 2 years
Extent: 100 %
Location: Department of Cultural Sciences, Gothenburg (Sweden)
First day of employment: 2017-08-01 or as soon as possible

The research project Spaces of resistance. A study of gender and sexualities in times of transformation now invites applications for a position as Postdoctoral fellow, appointed to conduct research within the project, individually as well as in collaboration with other members in the research team. The applicant shall have experience from working with ethnographic fieldwork and have knowledge about feminist, post-/decolonial or postsocialist theory.

In order to carry out ethnographic fieldwork in Turkey, the applicant shall have good knowledge in the Turkish language and society. Applicants with knowledge about women’s and LGBT-movements, cisnormativity, trans- or intersex, historically or today, are particularly welcome to apply.

The applicant shall have a PhD in gender studies or a PhD with gender perspective in a closely related subject area. The position of Postdoctor aims at providing junior scholars an opportunity to strengthen and develop their scholarly proficiency. The applicant shall therefore have been awarded their PhD not more than 3 years prior to the deadline of the call for this position.

Application closing date March 24.

Information in English: Postdoctoral Fellow in Gender Studies

Information in Swedish: Postdoktor i Genusvetenskap

For information about the Department of Cultural Sciences, Gender Studies, or the research project Spaces of Resistance, please check the website of the Department: www.kultur.gu.se

We look forward to receiving your application!