On Friday, March 10, 2017, Women’s Studies Centre marked its 25th anniversary with a panel discussion organised at the Faculty of Political Sciences (FPS). The topic was Women’s Studies and/or Gender Studies.

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The panelists were Jovana Timotijević and Nađa Bobičić – PhD students at the FPS, also former students of both Women’s Studies (the alternative educational programme), and Gender Studies (the M.A. programme). They spoke on the advantages and disadvantages of the institutional and alternative education within the field of Women’s and Gender Studies, emphasizing the importance of feminist approaches and positions. They also addressed the relation between the feminist movement and feminist theory, as well as the stance towards the political Left and queer theory, drawing on examples and personal experience from both Women’s Studies Centre and Centre for Gender Studies and Politics. In their final remarks, they talked about the future of these two educational programmes, concluding that they will both depend on the future generations.

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Current and former students of Women’s Studies took active part in the open and dynamic discussion, together with feminist activists, and several of our lecturers. The panel was moderated by Daša Duhaček, one of the founders of Women’s Studies Centre.

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