One-semester study programme of the Digital Feminist School, the first of its kind in the region of Southeast Europe, officially launched on November 21, 2019.

Although the programme was initially supposed to accept only 30 students, due to great interest and a large number of applications (over 200 from all over the world), we decided to increase the total number of students to 65. We would have loved to include everyone who applied were it not for technical and logistical limitations. The first DFS generation thus includes 65 students, female and male, from Serbia and the neighbouring Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia.

Our students will have the opportunity to follow a series of 14 lectures, divided into 4 thematic units: The Foundations of Feminist Theories, Women's History and Women's Movements, Contemporary Feminist Challenges, and Women & (Women's) Creativity. The programme consists of relevant topics presented by 18 of our lecturers, and it opens to question - from a distinctly feminist perspective - different aspects of women's lives in the contemporary society.

Digital Feminist School students can access each lecture and its accompanying reading material in the digital format. In order to become eligible for the certificate, the students will have to listen to all of the lectures and submit their final paper.

We wish a good start of the semester to all our students, and lots of success in their studies!

Digital Feminist School is supported by the Trag Foundation.