At the beginning of October, IDEAS team gathered in Athens, for a Transnational Project Meeting (TPM) planned as a part of their Erasmus + project. Members of the team, from the Charles University from Prague, Haskoli Islands (Iceland University) from Rejkyavik, the Centre for Women’s Studies from Zagreb, Colour Youth from Athens and the Center for Women’s Studies from Belgrade (coordinating the project) assessed the podcasts received so far, as the main output of the project. 

Inclusive Digital Educational Anti-discrimination AlternativeS (IDEAS) is a two year project of six partner organizations from Greece, Czech Repupublic, Iceland, Croatia and Serbia. The goal of this project is to make feminist knowledge accessible and contribute to strengthening those who are  discriminated against in multiple ways - especially women - by conceptualizing, recording and broadcasting 35 podcasts. 

Through the themes of these podcasts – which include the history of women’s movement, feminist theory, knowledge on body and sexuality, as well as gender approach to climate change -  different people from vulnerable groups will be able to access feminist knowledges.

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At the meeting special attention was given to the workshops where the project participants, as the authors of the podcasts, were working on the drafts of their podcasts. These workshops were facilitated by Thomas Brorsen Smidt – and the whole team is thanking him for his productive engagement. 

Also, whole IDEAS team would like to to give special thanks to the hosts of the meeting, the Colour Youth group form Athens, for their hospitality. 

You can follow  some of the atmosphere from the meeting from the following:


The project is funded by the EU, within the Erasmus+ program, while the implementation partner is the Tempus foundation in Belgrade.