Publishing activity of the Centre for Women's Studies is primarily focused on publishing books and other publications authored by our lecturers, as well as on publishing translations of seminal texts from the fields of feminist theory, and gender and culture studies.

CWS publishes books within its Gender and Culture series which includes texts relevant to gender research and feminist theories. These works are characterised by an interdisciplinary approach; furthermore, they serve as a call to rethinking the nature of disciplinarity as such, as well as to re-examining political conditions and consequences of different theoretical approaches. In addition to the aforementioned series, CWS had also been publishing journal Genero until 2020.

Independently or in cooperation with other publishers, CWS also publishes studies, research results and other publications authored by feminist researchers from Serbia; when it comes to translations, the focus has been on the classical works from the field.

Co-ordinator of the publishing programme: Nađa Bobičić
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