Genero Issue 1Ljubica Rajković: Partnership in the Family and Parenthood
Focus of the issue: American Feminist Criticism: Feminist Rereading and Challenges to the Literary Canon (Editor Biljana Dojčinović Nešić)
Judith Fetterley: On the Politics of Literature
Annette Kolodny: A Map for Rereading: Gender and the Interpretation of Literary Texts
Myra Jehlen: Archimedes and the Paradox of Feminist Criticism
Lillian S. Robinson: Treason Our Text: Feminist Challenges to the Literary Canon
Rachel Blau DuPlessis: For the Etruscans

From the Region

Milena Kirova: What is Wrong with the "Matriarchs"?
Women and the Canon in Literature
Nadežda Radulova: Palimpsest as a Figure of Femininity
Vladislava Vojnović: Body, Text and Identity in the Narrative
Film: The Crying Game
Ivana Janković: Paranoia about the Great Mother: The Matrix