GENERO 10/11 Focus of the Issue: Pathways to Responsibility
(Guest Editor Daša Duhaček)

Vesna Rakić Vodinelić: Introducing Transitional Justice: Key Concepts
Orly Friedman: Breaking States of Denial: Anti Occupation Activism in Israel after 2000
Latinka Perović: The Role of Historiography in De/Constructing National Identities
Dubravka Stojanović: Constructing the Past: The Case of Serbian History Textbooks
Staša Zajović: Facing the Past: Feminist Approach
Daša Duhaček: Towards Political Responsibility: Hannah Arendt and the Case of Serbia
Snježana Milivojević: Responsibility of the Media/Media on Responsibility: Effects of the Media: In Search of a
Paradigm; Turning Serbian Daily Papers into Tabloids; Politics of Remembering: Facing the Past in the Media
Dragana Popović: On the Responsibility of the Scientist