GENERO 13Focus of the Issue: Gender, Identity and Turbo-Folk Culture

Olga Dimitrijević
The Body of a Female Folk Singer: Constructions of National Identities in Serbia after 2000
Jelena Višnjić
“Ideally Bad”: The Politics of Reconstruction of Turbo-Folk Identity in Contemporary Serbia
Iva Nenić
Pink Cyborgs and De/centered Ideological Machines: Makeover of the (Turbo)Folk’s Musical Culture

Studies and Essays

Nataša Teofilović
The Art of Motion in the Space of Void (Technology and Practice of Virtual Characters)
Ana Petrov
Discursive Construction of “Modern Woman”: Analysis of Linguistic Means of Representation of Women in Magazines
Žarka Svirčev
Gynocriticism and Methods of Teaching Literature
Milena Jakovljević
Serbian Literature in the Twentieth Century or the Circulus Vitiosus of Patriarchy
Ivana Simić
Queer and Queer Theory

Book Reviews


Susan Faludi
Blame It on Feminism