GENERO 15Studies and Essays

Katerina Kolozova
Examining the Possibility of a Universalist Form of Inclusion beyond European Cultural Hegemonism
Sanja Milutinović Bojanić
Gyneconomies or Reestablished Discourse on “Sexual Difference”
Marko Simendić
Could the Hobbesian Sovereign Be Female?
Ivan Milenković
Cyborg - an Impossible Identification: Donna Haraway with Jacques Ranciere
Nikolina Nedeljkov
Wiered to a Maze: Pixel Saturnalia and Refacement
Biljana Andonovska
My Name is Masochism: Wanda and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch - Name, Woman, Genre
Milan Miljković
“Men with Feminine Traits”: On the Issue of Masculinity at the Beginning of the 20th century in Serbia
Deana Jovanović
Politics of Memory, Feminism, and Solidarity after the Conflict in former Yugoslavia
Marija Grujić
National Community, Gender and Popular Representation: Theoretical Frameworks

Book Reviews


Wendy Brown
Wounded Attachments