Genero Issue 2-3Diane Elam: Why Read?

Focus of the Issue: Politics of Sex
(Editor Jelisaveta Blagojević)

Jelisaveta Blagojević: Using (it) Up
Drucilla Cornell: Gender
Judith Butler: Contingent Foundations: Feminism and the Question of Postmodernism
Katerina Kolozova: Investigating the Non-Dichotomic Possibility of Thinking Unity For a Non-Unitary Subject
Denise Riley: A Short History of Some Preoccupations
Margarita Diaz Andreu: Gender Identity and Archaeology: A Synthetic View
Ksenija Bilbija: How One Becomes What One Is: Luz Arce’s Inferno
Marina Gržinić: Rupture
Marijana Milosavljević: Representation of Female Body on the Photographs by Claude Kahun and Hans Belmer
Zorica Mršević: Women in Legal Professions

From the Region

Valentina Zlatanova and Rumiana Stoilova: Gender – Models of Power: A Regional Aspect
Nataša Avramovska: The Darkened Muse of Macedonian Love and Erotic Poetry