Studies and Articles

Katarzyna Czerwonogóra
Jewish, Female, Educated and Political: Dr. Rahel Straus on Abortion in the Weimar Republic
Rada Drezgić
Neo-traditionalist Constructions of Nation and Masculinity: the Rule of Patrilineage
Andrew Hodges
Cultures, Traditions and Radical Humanism
Uroš Matić
Egyptology, Gender and Sexuality: Critical Perspective
Maja Solar
Back to Struggle Concepts: Class, Sex, Universality
Nataša Tučev i Milena Kostić
“When We Dead Awaken”:  Inner Split and the Possibility of Healing in the Works of Adrienne Rich
Selma Veseljević Jerković
„You are a Superwoman”: New Femininity in Popular Culture
Jelena Višnjić
„Killing Me Softly”: Print Media Reports on Women, Victims of Violence
Marija Kolin
Some Current Gender Inequalities in Political and Economic Sphere of Decision Making in European Union and Serbia

Book Reviews

Ognjen Kojanić
What Can Economic Studies Learn from Feminism?
Ivana Prentović Krivokapić
Tragic Metamorphosis of a Woman
Petra Bjelica
The Courage of Ksenija Atanasijević’s Open Struggle
Adriana Sabo
Tales of a Subject in Love
Emilia Epštajn
Zagorka Golubović’s Activism and Freedom
Iva Kljakić
A Portrait of a Yugoslav Feminist

In Memoriam

Lepa Mlađenović
Adrienne Rich (1929-2012) – Seven Notes about Adrienne Rich
Adriana Zaharijević
Shulamith Firestone (1945-2012) – „To Be Worshipped Is Not Freedom“

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