Emilia Epštajn
In Whose Name We (Cannot) Speak: Of Sojourner Truth and “Experience” as Starting Point for Living and Considering the Political Subject

Maja Milatović
“The Love of Women, Kind as well as Cruel”: Feminist Alliances and Contested Spaces in Audre Lorde's Zami: A New Spelling of My Name

Nađa Bobičić
Modernist Features in Ksenija Atanasijević's Philosophical Fragments and Essays

Nikolina Nedeljkov
Enduring Schooling: Against Noise, and in the Service of the Remix

Marina Simić
Cultural Studies and Anthropology: Clash of the Titans or Narcissism of Small Differences?

Goran Kauzlarić
Neoliberalization of the Absolute Spirit: Spiritual Micro-Resistances as Market Mechanisms of Interpellation

Ljiljana Čičkarić
Do Women Represent Women in Parliament?

Marko Veličković
Concepts of Masculinity and the Politics of Pride in Serbia


Dunja Begović
The Importance of Education in the Humanities: More than the Market Value

Dina Čubrić
Toward a Radical Freedom

Nenad Knežević
A New Reading of the Female Characters of the Ancient Myths

Marina Simić
Will to Order

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