GENERO 12Focus of the Issue: Policy Studies

(Guest Editor: Dragana Popović)
Introductory note (Dragana Popovic)

Zorica Mršević
Gender Equality Mechanisms
Marija Kolin
Post-Socialist Changes and Gender Position on the Labor Market in Serbia
Tanja Ignjatović
Violence against Women in Intimate Partner Relationships
Zorica Mršević
Women in Media: 2010 in Serbia
Dragana Popović
Women and Education: The Dawn of the Third Millennium

Studies and Essays

Vanda Perović
Jelena-Ilka Marković: Inscribing into the Political History of Serbia
Anita Burgund
SOS Children’s Helpline Calls Following Disturbing Media Events
Ivana Ćirković
Social Inclusion Processes in Serbia

Book Reviews

GENERO 10/11 Focus of the Issue: Pathways to Responsibility
(Guest Editor Daša Duhaček)

Vesna Rakić Vodinelić: Introducing Transitional Justice: Key Concepts
Orly Friedman: Breaking States of Denial: Anti Occupation Activism in Israel after 2000
Latinka Perović: The Role of Historiography in De/Constructing National Identities
Dubravka Stojanović: Constructing the Past: The Case of Serbian History Textbooks
Staša Zajović: Facing the Past: Feminist Approach
Daša Duhaček: Towards Political Responsibility: Hannah Arendt and the Case of Serbia
Snježana Milivojević: Responsibility of the Media/Media on Responsibility: Effects of the Media: In Search of a
Paradigm; Turning Serbian Daily Papers into Tabloids; Politics of Remembering: Facing the Past in the Media
Dragana Popović: On the Responsibility of the Scientist

ImageBobi Badarevski: Science, Gay Gene, Human Rights
Elizabeta Šeleva: Bordering Cultures/Cultures on the Borders
Eva D. Bahovec: Feminism and ambivalence: Simone de Beauvoir
Maša Ogrizek: Monsters and Fantasies: Origin of Subject and Gender Differences"
Milčo Mančevski: Ghost of my Mother
Katerina Kolozova: Imagining the Face of the "Real": on War and Violence
Žarko Trajanoski: Kant – an Imperative of our Time?

GENERO 8/9Focus of the Issue: "Differences, Sexualities, Con/texts" – Dubrovnik, May 2006

Juliet Mitchell: Reflections on Feminism, Psychoanalysis and Sibling Trauma
Judith Halberstam: Rethinking Feminism and Queer Theory
Josephine Diamond: Speaking for the Subaltern Woman: A Comparison of Narrative Strategies in Postcolonial Literature by Rigoberta Menchu, Toni Morrison and Mahasweta Devi
Katarina Lončarević: Status of Epistemological Research in Feminist Theory in the World and in Serbia
Jelisaveta Blagojević: Beyond Binary Oppositions: Theoretical Clarifications of the Notion of Gender
Adriana Zaharijević: Deregulating Foundation
Dragan Stojanović: Natalija Cvetković – A Lonely Nude
Nataša Teofilović: Filling the Void or Acting in White
Radojka Vukčević: Pluralist Position: An Interview with Nina Baym
Zorica Bečanović Nikolić: Feminist Crticism and Shakespeare’s History Plays: An Issue of Difference
Dubravka Đurić: Language Poetry and Feminist Women Language Poest
Vladislava Gordić Petković: Not a Woman, and not Quiet Myself: Serbian Women’s Writing as an Allegory of Identity

GENERO 6/7Ljiljana Čičkarić: Political Identity From Gender Perspective
Michele Le Doeuff: Which Body?

Focus of the Issue: American Feminist Criticism (3)
(Editor Biljana Dojčinović Nešić)

Biljana Dojčinović Nešić: Gender and Mainstream Literary Theories
Peter Schwenger: The Masculine Mode
Patrocinio P. Schweickart: Reading Ourselves: Toward a Feminist Theory of Reading
Susan S. Lanser: Toward a Feminist Narratology
Susan Stanford Friedman: "Beyond" Gender: The New Geography of Identity and the Future of Feminist Criticism
Novica Petrović: Was Kingley Amis a Misogynist

Celebrating the International Year of Physics: Annus Mirabilis

Ljiljana Dobrosavljević Grujić: Mileva Marić Einstein

GENERO 4/5Aleksandra Đajić Horvat: Sexuality and Female Body in Victorian England
Suzana Ignjatović: Strategies of Conquering the Scientific Field – The Relation of Sociology of the Body Towards Feminism
Marija Grujić: The Poetics of Offence in the Prose of Marina Tsvetaeva

The Focus of the Issue I: Women, Science, Education and the Environment
(Guest Editor Dragana Popović)

Dragana Popović: Women, Science, Education and the Environment
Sandra Harding: The Science Question in Feminism
Vandana Shiva: Development, Ecology and Women
Faith Wilding: Where Is Feminism In Cyberfeminism?
Kimiko Kitayama: "Good Wife and Wise Mother": From the History of Education in Japan
Robin Bauer and Helene Goetschel: Degendering Science – A Project to Extending the Conception and Curriculum of the Natural Sciences at the University of Hamburg/Germany
Marcy Darnovsky: Human Germline Manipulation and Cloning As Women’s Issues
Ljiljana Dobrosavljević Grujić: Maria Sklodowska Curie – A Paradigm of a Woman’s Success?
Dragana Popović: Gender and Power: The Case of Serbia
Joan Freeman: A Passion for Physics: A Story of A Woman in Physics

Focus of the Issue II: The Politics of Translation: Feminist Theories
(Guest Editor Daša Duhaček)

Daša Duhaček: The Politics of Translation: Feminist Theories
Jelisaveta Blagojević: An Interview with Rosi Braidotti
Daša Duhaček: An Interview with Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak In memoriam Jacques Derrida
Jelisaveta Blagojević: In memoriam Jacques Derrida
Jean Birnbaum, Jacques Derrida: "I am at War with Myself" (an Interview)
Judith Butler: On Jacques Derrida
Jelisaveta Blagojević: The End of the Affair: Thinking as Translation