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Belgrade: Belgrade Women’s Studies Center, Reconstruction Women’s Fund  and Women in Black, 2012.

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Ljiljana Vuletić (ed.), Belgrade: Belgrade Women’s Studies Center, Reconstruction Women’s Fund and Women in Black, 2011.

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(Neko je rekao feminizam? Kako je feminizam uticao na žene XXI veka). Belgrade: Center for Women’s Studies and Gender Resaerch, Women in Black and Reconstruction – Women’s Fund, 2008. This book was created as an attempt to provide a theoretical answer to the question of whether there is space for feminism in the contemporary world. It represents 26 young women authors, some of whom are already known to the local readership, while others are presented for the first time. Texts in it deal with women’s rights and freedoms, intersection of private and political, identities and differences, representation of women, the arts, theory and activism, and historical intersections.

Tešanović, Jasmina: Nefertiti was here
Belgrade: Belgrade Women’s Studies Center, 2007.

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Belgrade: Belgrade Women’s Studies Center, Reconstruction Women’s Fund, 2006.

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(published in English) Belgrade: Center for Women's Studies, research and communication, 2002. ( Read online )

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(Zatočenici zla: zaveštanje Hane Arent). Belgrade: Center for Women’s Studies and Belgrade Circle, 2002.

Pateman, Carol: The Sexual Contract
translated by Ranko Mastilović, Belgrade: Feminist "94", 2001. The book is published in collaboration with the Center for Women’s Studies.

Arsić, Branka (ed.): Women, Images, Imaginaries
(Žene, slike, izmišljaji), Belgrade: Center for women’s studies, 2000. This anthology is the result of research project "Representation of Woman’s Body in Visual Media in Serbia 1990–1998", initiated in the Women’s Studies Center in Belgrade. The anthology consists of five chapters entitled "Bodies on Front", "Taking Pleasure in Orient", "Frames, Imaginaries", "Singing Bodies" and "A Glamorous Doll".

Blagojević, Marina (ed.): Towards Visible Women’s History: Women s Movement in Belgrade during 90s
(Ka vidljivoj ženskoj istoriji: Ženski pokret u Beogradu 90-ih), Belgrade: Center for women’s studies, research and communication, 1998. The anthology is result of the project of the same title, realized within the Center. Texts on the Women’s movement and organizations written by authors who themselves took part in the movement in Belgrade are structured in the following segments: the roots, political and pacifist groups, groups against violence, groups for feminist education, groups for helping marginal women, law groups, new directions, feminist creative works, feminist research. The introductory and concluding essays by Marina Blagojević frame the picture of women’s activities during the nineties.

Ćetković, Nadežda (ed.): Women’s Political Perspective: 77 appeals, demands, protests, information, slogans by Belgrade Women’s Lobby
(Ženska politička perspektiva: 77 apela, zahteva, protesta, informacija, parola Beogradskog ženskog lobija), Belgrade: Belgrade Women’s Lobby, Women’s Studies and communication - INDOK Center, 1998. A collection of documents on the activity of Belgrade Women’s Lobby.

Michel, Andree: Le feminisme
translated by Suzana Matejić, Belgrade, Plato: Library XX Century, 1997. Published in cooperation with the Center for Women’s Studies.

Nikolić Ristanović, Vesna (ed.): Women’s Rights and Social Transition in FR Yugoslavia
(English edition), Belgrade: Center for Women’s Studies, 1997. The book is the collection of papers presented on the International Conference with the same name organized by Women’s Studies Center on June 13-15 1997. The topics covered by this book are women’s rights and civil rights, women’s rights and war, women’s rights and institutions and violence against women and women’s rights.

Dojčinović Nešić, Biljana: Selected Bibliography of Works in Feminist Theory/ Women’s Studies 1974-1996
(Odabrana bibliografija radova iz feministicke teorije/ženskih studija 1974-1996 ), Belgrade: Center for women’s studies and communication, 1996. The first part of the bibliography is a list of books and texts written by authors from Yugoslavia; the second part lists the translations and texts of foreign authors cowritten with domestic authors; the third part lists special issues of journals, specialized journals, bibliographies of the topic, proceedings from conferences, anthologies, documents, bulletins, reprints. The introduction, titles of the books and legends at the beginning of each part are translated into English.

What Can We Do For Ourselves?/ East European FeministConference
Proceedings EAST European Feminist Conference, Belgrade, 1994. Belgrade: Center for Women’s Studies, Research and Communications, 1995.

Mill, John Stuart and Taylor Mill, Harriet: Essays on SexEquality
translated by Ranko Mastilović; foreword Daša Duhaček. Belgrade: Filip Višnjić and Center for Women’s Studies, 1995.

Wollstonecraft, Mary: Vindication of the Rights of Woman:With Strictures on Political and Moral Subjects
translated by Ranko Mastilović, foreword Daša Duhaček, Belgrade: Filip Višnjić, 1994. Published in cooperation with the Center for Women’s Studies.

Mršević, Zorica: Women’s Rights are Human Rights
(Ženska prava su ljudska prava), Belgrade: Women’s Studies and communication, Autonomous Women Center Against Sexual Violence and SOS telephone for women and children victims of violence, 1994. The book consists of six chapters: the first one is dedicated to history of legal status of women, the second contains review of international documents regulating women’s rights; the third contains explanations of gender based violence as the main source of violation of women’s human rights, the fourth one represents sexual violence as one of the most specific kinds of gender based violence; the fifth chapter is dedicated to reproductive rights of women and the final one to self-organizing of women as the specific women’ response to the violation of women’s human rights.

Dojčinović Nešić, Biljana: Gynocriticism: Gender and the Research of Women’s Writing
(Ginokritika: Rod i proučavanje književnosti koju su pisale žene), Belgrade: Sveti Sava, 1993. Published in cooperation with the Center for Women’s Studies. The book is aimed at representing American feminist literary criticism, with a focus on gynocriticism. In the first part of the book explains the meaning of the term gender and its position within feminist theory; followed by the basic points of French feminist theory, as well as by the introduction of the mode of American "feminist critique". In the second, central, part of the book, the classical gynocritical texts are represented and discussed. The third part demonstrates a gendered reading of Erica Jong’s Fear of Flying and her poetry.