The teaching programme of the CWS has continued to develop and change, while keeping its main features: it has remained alternative to the mainstream, provocative, innovative and open to opposing views and opinions.

It first started in 1992, and has continued to question and examine different issues, current both in a theoretical and in a wider social context. More prominent among them have been: relation between the feminist movement and feminist (political) theory, ontological dualisms (sex/gender, nature/ culture, woman/man), the key notions of feminist methodology and epistemology, violence against women, representation of women in the media, as well as women's contribution to the media, culture and the arts.

We have organised over 130 courses taugh by over 140 female and about 30 male lecturers from the region and further afield. Our total number of students has exceeded 1500.

Co-ordinator of the teaching programme: Nađa Duhaček
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