Research has been an integral part of CWS activities since the very beginning. Our research projects include critical, empirical anaylses of different aspects of women’s lives, applied research concerning policy making, as well as academic research in the areas of gender studies, feminist political philosophy, feminist media and culture studies and related fields, with feminist epistemology as a starting point and prerequisite.

Research activities enable us to continuously develop the study of different areas within women’s and gender studies. The research focus is on women’s human rights, gender equality, struggles of the women’s movement, violence against women, as well as critical analyses of educational policies, the media and media representations of women, status and representation of women in the arts, science, literature, etc.

Our research programme aims at constant improvement, both through team project work and through individual research. An important characteristic of this programme is that it provides answers to contemporary scientific and social challenges which women and other marginalised groups within patriarchy constantly have to deal with.

Co-ordinator of the research programme: Hristina Cvetinčanin Knežević