IDEAS Inclusive Digital Educational Anti-discrimination Alternatives is a two-year project of six partner organizations from Greece, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Croatia and Iceland whose goal is to create a digital education program that will make feminist knowledge available and contribute to the empowerment of multiple marginalized groups, especially women.

Partner organizations Charles University from Prague, Haskoli Islands, University of Iceland, Color Youth, a non-governmental organization from Athens, Center for Women’s Studies from Zagreb, Research Center for Culture, Politics and Identities (IPAK) and Center for Women’s Studies from Belgrade will design and record 35 podcasts with which different people from vulnerable groups will be able to acquire feminist knowledge.

The project is financially supported by the EU, within the Erasmus + program, and the implementation partner is the Tempus Foundation from Belgrade.

6. decembra 2022.

IDEAS podcast – Module 7

Thinking the political: freedom and responsibility This last module in the IDEAS program comes back, full circle, to underscore and explicate the theoretical and the political […]
2. decembra 2022.

IDEAS podcast – Module 6

This module offers unique insights into the most critical issue of our time – our endangered environment, as well an analysis through addressing climate change. This […]
2. decembra 2022.

IDEAS podcast – Module 5

This module elaborates the contemporary feminist approach to political economy through issues of social reproduction. This topic is treated through different approaches, theoretical, artistic and ethnographic. […]
2. decembra 2022.

IDEAS podcast – Module 4

This module deals with body issues, LGBTQ+ rights, sexuality, as well as women’s health issues. The episodes of this module include all the important questions in […]
2. decembra 2022.

IDEAS podcast – Module 3

This module is based on the fact that women from vulnerable groups, who often suffer multiple discrimination, need to be given a voice, to speak on […]
2. decembra 2022.

IDEAS podcast – Module 2

This module is dedicated to different feminist theories and their political orientations. The emphasis in this module, as in the IDEAS program, is on feminist left-wing […]
2. decembra 2022.

IDEAS podcast – Module 1

Inclusive Digital Educational Anti-discriminatory AlternativeS (IDEAS) offers knowledge from a feminist, leftist, a politically engaging perspective. It presents women’s studies,  gender issues, theoretical options, speaks of […]