The Center’s teaching program has been developing and changing ever since it was founded, but its basic goals and values remain unchanged: alternative to the mainstream, provocative, innovative and open to opposing opinions and attitudes. The teaching program started in 1992, focusing on continuous questioning and problematizing various topics, both current and universal ones, but also in a wider social context, among which are the relationship between the feminist movement and feminist (political) theory, the breaking of ontological dualisms (sex/gender, nature/ culture, woman/man), assumptions of the basic concepts of feminist methodology and epistemology, but also the topic of violence against women, representation of women in the media, as well as women’s media, cultural and artistic creativity. So far, the Women’s Studies program has offered more than 130 courses, realized by over 140 lecturers and about 30 lecturers from the region and the whole world, and  more than 1,500 students have participated.