The Knowledge Production program was created by redesigning the former research program of the Center for Women’s Studies, which had been developing since the first few years of the organization’s founding.

The corpus of research carried out by the Center for Women’s Studies includes empirical critical analysis of various aspects of women’s existence, applied research of an applied nature (policy making) as well as academic research in the domain of gender studies, feminist political philosophy, feminist media and culture studies and other scientific fields, with mandatory starting assumptions of feminist epistemology.

Through research work, the study of various areas of women’s and gender studies is continuously improved – the locus of study is gender equality, the struggles of the feminist movement, as well as critical analyzes of educational policies, the media and media representation of gender, the position and representation of women in art, science and literature, etc.

The goals of the research program are constant improvement through team project work as well as individual research works, whereby an important feature of this program is that it offers answers to contemporary scientific and social challenges faced by women and other marginalized groups in the patriarchy.